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Arpora is a place divided into two parts-a tiny beach spot and a village. This place has its own beauties for tourist as well as local people. known for its seasonal Saturday Night Market, held in fall and winter. The sprawling, illuminated outdoor bazaar has quirky stalls selling colorful clothing, spices, and crafts from across India, as well as bars and street food stalls clustered around a live music stage. Close to lively Anjuna and Baga beaches, the area is dotted with relaxed hotels and secluded resorts.

Deemed as one the best, the village Panchayat is constantly striving for the betterment of its citizens. They work hard and have ambitioned providing the best to it’s villagers. Arpora Nagoa Panchayat was first formed on 1st April 1962 by the Arpora Nagoa Citizen Committee.

In addition, the Panchayat has also set up a Chilldren’s Park, footpath pavements, side walks, recreational benches and have also revamped the drainage system of the village. A very strict garbage policy as well with a hefty fine of Rs.2000 to anyone who is caught dumping garbage illegally. Utmost care to ensure that the village remains clean by having dry and wet garbage collections done weekly 2 days.

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